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for the Oil & Gas Industry

Soga Asia Technologies Inc. is a company that specializes in the provision of Risk, Reliability and Integrity Management Services to the oil and gas industries. These services are underpinned by innovative software products designed to support the integrity management process. Both the products and services have a proven track record with major oil and gas companies worldwide. The company was registered in the Philippines in 2002 and has been in continuous operation providing integrity management support services and custom software products to customers.

Our mission is to enhance our clients’ quality, safety, environmental and business performance.


To be the client-preferred service provider of Risk, Reliability and Integrity Management Services to the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries.

We aim to: 
  • put the client first 
  • recognize the commercial consequences of our decisions and actions 
  • take responsibility 
  • seek continuous improvement 
  • be constructive and innovative 
  • be open, honest, fair and professional in our dealings 
  • work together and recognize each other’s contributions
News & Events

Soga 20th Year Logo
15th December 2023 
2023 C1 Campaign for SAPL 
Began uploading the 2023 C1 inspection campaign for SAPL. 

20th October 2023 
PERS - Go Live 
Completed the development and implementation of Prime Environmental Reporting System (PERS) . The system went into live use right after the successfull completion of the UAT.

13th July 2023 
Malampaya Phase 1 & 2 Campaign 
Completed uploading the 2023 Phase 1 & 2 inspection camapign for Malampaya.

17th March 2022 

20th Anniversary Celebration 
Soga was awarded a new contract for the provision of integrity management consultancy services for Prime Energy Resources Development.  Soga has been working with Malampaya since 2003 and continues to provide products and services. 
25th March 2021 
2020 C1 Campaign for Prelude
Soga completed the upload of the 2020 C1 Campaign for Prelude.  
30th April 2020 
2020 Phase1 Inspection Campaign for Malampaya
Soga completed the upload of the 2020 Phase 1 Inspection Campaign for Malampaya.  
22nd Apr 2020 
New Contract with SAPL
Shell Australia Pty Ltd (SAPL) awarded Soga Technologies a 3-year contract for the provision of integrity management consultancy services. The new contract takes effect on 15th May 2020 and will expire on 14th May 2023. Soga has been providing integrity management consultancy services to SAPL since 2017.

Services Offered
  • Provision and implementation of integrity management software applications 
  • Integrity management consultancy 
  • Development of risk-based strategies for inspection and maintenance 
  • Inspection management services (topside and underwater) 
  • Risk-based inspection and maintenance planning 
  • Data management 
  • Defect and anomaly assessment 
  • Integrity status reporting








Integrity Status Report - ISR 
ISR is a software application specifically designed for asset integrity status reporting. This system collects information from various client corporate databases and presents them in a unified format applying traffic light colours to indicate non-conformances and excursions from pre-defined performance indicators with configurable rules.  An overview dashboard present the current integrity status in a high-level summary.
Deviation Control - DevCon 
DevCon is used to manage and control deviations, which are controlled, monitored and auditable waivers to operate outside the integrity envelope provided risk mitigation is put in place. DevCon can be implemented either stand alone or as a module of ISR.
Management of Change - MoC 
MoC is web-based application that supports the management of change process and is used for recording and monitoring the status of change requests in a central database repository. The system is supported by an automatic email notification system to support the MoC workflow. 
Anomaly Management System - AMS
AMS is a web-based database application that supports the anomaly management process. Anomalies are defects or issues found on various assets/equipment during inspections and day-to-day operations. The system allows for the recording monitoring and archiving of anomaly records and is supported by an auto email system to aid the workflow process embedded in the application. 
Integrity Management System Application - IMSA 
IMSA is a software application designed as a one-stop shop application for integrity management. IMSA was developed specifically for Shell and is currently in use in four OU’s namely Prime Energy Resources Development B.V., SAPL – Shell Australia Pty. Ltd., SEPCo – Shell Exploration and Production Co. (USA), and SNEPCo – Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Co.  
IMSA can be configured for all static equipment classes and has been successfully implemented for onshore and offshore pipelines, subsea systems and other underwater assets. This system creates a repository of inspection data taken during a survey, using data upload tools and presents it in a user-friendly querying and browsing screen. 
IMSA is capable of performing RBI calculations to generate due dates for future inspection requirement. It is configurable software that allows for a generous degree of flexibility in terms of RBI rules used by various clients. IMSA can present live integrity status either in output reports, or automatically fed to the higher-level ISR application.
Reference Sites

Prime Energy Resources Development B.V. (PERD) - formerly Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. (SPEX) 


Shell Malaysia Exploration and Production (SMEP) 
Following the successfull implementation of IMSA for Malampaya, in 2004, SMEP engaged Soga to implement the same system for their subsea assets and pipelines.  Between April and July 2004, Soga successfully implemented IMSA integrity management software tool for selected subsea assets offshore Sarawak. 

Shell Exploration and Production Co. (SEPCo) 
On November 2005, Soga successfully implemented the IMSA integrity management software tool for the Gulf of Mexico assets of SEPCo. The server was hosted in Houston while the users were mainly based in New Orleans. In 2007, spearheaded by SEPCo, Soga began development of a version of IMSA using the .NET Framework platform and an Oracle database backend.  This version came to be know as IMSA 3.  This moved IMSA to a more enterprise level platform compared to the original MS Access platform where the application was first prototyped.  Development and implementation was completed in March 2008. Soga has continuously provided integrity management consultancy and software support services for SEPCo since 2005.

Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Co. (SNEPCo) 
On March 2007, Soga completed the implementation of IMSA for SNEPCo and in 2009, the upgrade to IMSA 3 was completed and Soga has continuously provided integrity management consultancy and software support services for SNEPCo since then. 

Shell Australia Pty. Ltd. (SAPL) 


Brunei Shell Petroleum Co. Sdn. Bhd. (BSP) 
Although prior to the registration of Soga as a company, the management team was involved with topside, pipelines and underwater inspection data and integrity management on various projects for Brunei Shell Petroleum Sdn. Bhd (BSP). from 1984 to 2000. 
Soga personnel were also involved in the development and implementation of the Facility Status Report application (FSR) for BSP. This application won a “Best In Class” award at the 2000 Production Forum where various operating companies exhibited their ability to report asset integrity status. 
FSR is the Brunei Shell version of the generic Soga ISR application.

Valeura Energy Ltd. (Gulf of Thailand) - formerly Mubadala Petroleum Thailand Ltd. 
On June 2012, Soga completed the implementation of AMS for Mubadala Petroleum Thailand Ltd. (formerly Pearl Oil Thailand Ltd.). AMS is a client –server anomaly management application used for recording and monitoring anomalies found on the assets during inspection and day-to-day operations. This was followed by the implementation of the Management of Change (MoC) on Jan 2011 and DevCon Deviation Control application on Dec 2011.  This came to be know as AIM Tools or Asset Integrity Management Tools.  Soga has provided support services for these software tools up to present.  In 2022, Mubadala sold it's assets in Thaliand to Valeura Energy but Soga continues to provide software support and engineering consultancy services to Valeura up to present.

PTTEP Thailand 
On February 2005, Soga completed the development and implementation of CAIS for PTTEP S3 asset. CAIS is a client-server application used for managing competency and assessment records. In 2009, Soga completed the implementation of AIMS Asset Integrity Monitoring System for PTTEP. This was followed by the implementation of DevCon Deviation Control application on Sep 2011 and WIND Well Integrity Database on Feb 2012. Since then, Soga has continuously provided maintenance and support services to PTTEP. 

ABS Consulting UK 
On May 2006 Soga commenced work on the development of Thesis 5 application for ABS Consulting out of Warrington UK. Thesis is a standalone Windows-based application owned by ABS Consulting and is used for creating and managing case files and bowtie diagrams. Since then, Soga has continuously provided technical support services to ABS for the Thesis application including maintenance and enhancements. In 2009, Soga commenced work on the development of a web-based enterprise version of Thesis called Thesis Enterprise. Development was completed in 2010 and is currently being implemented for various clients worldwide. 

Petronas Carigali (Premier Petroleum) Myanmar (PCML) 
In April 2002, Soga was sub-contracted by Hallin Marine Systems to prepare the underwater and topside inspection work scopes, inspection reference drawings and anomaly criteria for the baseline surveys of the Yetagun A and B platforms and FSO, to the requirements of Premier Petroleum Myanmar Limited, using API 2A-WSD guidelines. This project also involved the preparation inspection charts and log forms for the pipeline span rectification program. From October 2003 to January 2004, Soga was contracted directly by Petronas Carigali to deliver Integrity Management Strategy and RBI Methodology documentation for pipelines and jackets and topside structures.  

In partnership with Fluor Amec during the early years from 2002 to 2004, Soga implemented a number of software applications for Malampaya then owned by Shell Philippines Exploration B.V (SPEX).  Starting with the development and implementation of an asset integrity monitoring system (AIMS) and later, the development and implementation of an integrity management system application (IMSA) which is a software tool desgined to support the integrity management process of subsea assets and pipelines.  After the successfull implementation of these software tools, Soga was asked to provide further consultancy and support services specifically for integrity management and inspection data management.  In 2005, Soga was awarded a direct contract by Malampaya.
Since then, our relationship with Malampaya continued and up to present, Soga continues to provide integrity management consultancy and software support services to Malampaya.  In 2020, Shell sold it's operating share of Malampaya to Prime Energy Resources Development B.V. (PERD).  During the transition, Soga was asked to develop new sowftare tools that PERD needed for day-to-day operations. This started with the development and implementation of a new version of AIMS to replace FSR which was the Shell corporate system for integrity status reporting.  Soga was also asked to develop a commercial tool that is used to monitor the delivery of natural gas to Malampaya clients, and an environmental reporting system that is used for data logging and reporting of greenhouse gasses produced by Malampaya.
A long history with Shell ...
On June 2017, Soga began the implementation of IMSA for SAPL.  At this point, SAPL is the fifth major Shell operating company to adopt the Soga developed integrity management tool.

At this point, the current version of IMSA is already a web-based application with an Oracle database backend.

In 2021, SAPL declared Soga Technologies as a strategic partner and awarded Soga a 7-year contract for the provision of integrity management consultancy, inspection data management, and software suppport services.
Our Team

Management Team
  • Andy Mackenzie - Integrity Management Consultant
  • Alan Ryon - Inspection Management Consultant
  • Mel Dulay - IT Consultant / General Manager
  • Desy Dulay - Finance Officer
Engineering Support Team
  • Hazel Marquez - Integrity Support Engineer
Software Development Team
  • Terence Gagarino
  • Albert Bajan
  • Sheldon Escriba
  • Jhon Angelo Navarra
  • Aron Jake Henares
  • Arjay Avellanoza
  • Steph Loria Cuarto

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